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Real Name: Velizar

In-game Name: VeL

Age: 17, Born in December 20th. 2003

Games You Play: Well I am always in search of new games, but I've come to the conclusion that at the moment that there aren't any new games that are worth playing, tho I am hyped for the new Battlefield :)

Games I play at the moment: CoD4, Battlefield 1, CS:GO, Escape from Tarkov, basically mainly FPS games.
Bought The Witcher and also R6S, but still havent played them at all.

If Applying For Our COD4 Promod Team, What Prestige Are You? (leave field blank if applying for another game/type): I am currently prestige 10!

Have You Joined Our Discord Server? I have joined, yes. Comet#7999

Tell Us A Little About Yourself: Well what can I say, I'm a 17 years old boy, who enjoys playing computer games and has an active life. I've been playing games since the age of 8, but I've also been playing sports ever since that age as well.
I swimmed competitively for 4 years, played football in our local team for 3 years and then moved on to basketball for 4 years.
I am a very chill guy, I'm talkative and respect the people who respect me :)

Why Do You Want To Join eBc? I wanna try something new, I've been in a community before (Royal Soldiers), left due to their behavior towards their members and players.
I like eBc, due to the large amount of players and the way the eBc members treat other players. I've talked with plenty of the members and every single one of them seemed to be very cool and understanding.
I want to join and help, I'm an active player and I believe I can do my job well, given the fact that I had already been in a community before for a couple of years.

How Did You Hear About eBc? Heard about it a while back through gametracker, started being more in the server just a month and a half ago, and ever since them I've been online pretty much daily.


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Re: VeL
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Re: VeL
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Pork = Halal


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Re: VeL
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Wow, its a very good apply, i enjoyed to read it.

But you said you have been in the RS community. Its a very bad point for you...

Jk my friend 😂

You are a sportive guy, like me ! (Hum..)

Its a +1 for you, good luck !


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Re: VeL
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I don't see any negative comments, neither penalties so far, there is a bit too many neutral votes but I don't see a reason why not to approve this application, besides gulag always needs new workers. Two weeks trial period, welcome!

Application accepted