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Real Name: Žiga

In-game Name: b/_ooD

Age: 22

Games You Play: Modern Warfare
Escape from Tarkov
Black Ops Cold War

If Applying For Our COD4 Promod Team, What Prestige Are You? (leave field blank if applying for another game/type): I was max if I recall correctly, but now that I came back I'm level 1. Old school eBc can confirm.

Have You Joined Our Discord Server? Yes, I have. PerJon#4251

Tell Us A Little About Yourself: My name is Žiga and I come from Slovenia, I am a computer enthusiast and a gamer of course. My first main game was Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and it stuck with me ever since. I still cannot believe so many people are playing promod in 2021. I am currently unemployed and have a lot of time to dedicate myself to gaming.

I would also like to say that the reason for my departure from COD was me prioritizing real life before gaming. I successfully finished school and got my diploma, now I am ready to get back to gaming.

Why Do You Want To Join eBc? I wish to join eBc mainly because it is still up ever since I left cod4, mostly because of the community and it's players. On my departure I was always wondering weather or not Explicit Bouncers were still active and shockingly on my return YOU STILL ARE! This brings nothing but joy to me as I was a part of this community for a decent amount of time and have spent most of my time playing eBc promod with former eBc members. I'm pretty sure some of them still remember me. It would be an honour to be accepted back in the community where I have spent most of my days, gaming.

How Did You Hear About eBc? I was randomly searching for a public promod server and stumbled upon Explicit Bouncers. I got to know a lot of good people on eBc through my "career" on the server and decided to stick around.