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In memory of Kieron “KzR/Kush” Wright
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Explicit Bouncers is an online gaming community founded in 2010 by pr1m3. Through years of hard effort, eBc CodJumper server has reached a reputation of a home for all the CoD CJ lovers. In 2013, the eBc team has decided to expand the community with 2 more servers, deathrun and promod. Explicit Bouncers is nowadays an online gaming community, led by Kreator and Soap, willing to expand within more games other than CoD4. We provide server hosting services for a very low price. We are an open community to join and we look forward to achieve partnerships with many others while providing our previously stated services.


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Kieron "KzR/Kush" Wright

14th February 1996 - 20th July 2016

Here we pay our respects to one of our most cherished eBc members, Kieron"KzR/Kush" Wright. An awesome guy, with a big heart and many talents, we all love you bro and keep flying high! Kieron helped grow eBc massively back during 2013/2014 and became a well known and respected member to all in eBc.

With strong programming knowledge and web development skills, Kieron really brought eBc back to life when we lost both our scripter and web developer in the late stages of 2013. Without his efforts and significant contributions, eBc would have fallen a long time ago. But here we are, still going strong and from the whole of eBc, we can't thank you enough!

Thanks for all the good times we all enjoyed together and we'll speak again someday :)

Love from Sev, player, Nika, Domi and the rest of eBc <3

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